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eSchoolView offers many great products to manage and promote your organization. From live streaming video, to facilities management, and even scanning and auditing services for your website we have you covered. Like all of our products, these were designed specifically for schools and educational organizations so you know you are getting the best. See what we can do for you.

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Live Streaming Video

Engage your community and promote organizational events with Streaming Video. Broadcast sporting events, school performances, and board meetings live to any computer or mobile device. This allows parents and members of your community to participate even when schedules conflict.

Eliminate buffering issues, long waits for slow connections, and advertisements, as well as the need to upload to external sites such as YouTube. Viewers can watch events live from your website or access recordings later. With privacy controls, you decide which events are public and which require payment or invitation.

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Instant Connect

A better way to communicate. Instant Connect offers unlimited calling, texting, and emails. Create and send messages from the web-based admin panel, mobile app, or call in and record communications. Voice calls, texts, emails, and social media integration all from one place. With optional student and staff information integration your data can sync conveniently into the software. Attendance calls and lunch balance calls can be automated saving you time and money. From emergency calls to keeping parents informed about events, Instant Connect can help.

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Website Scanning & Audits

Have an extra set of eyes take a look at your website and content. Custom auditing plans include scanning for spelling errors, broken links, ADA compliance issues, and more. These programs can vary in frequency and range from providing you with a list of problems to us repairing them for you. When it comes to the appearance of your organization’s website it pays to be observant and our audits can definitely help!

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School Store

A great way to improve your brand awareness while increasing revenue! Online stores provide an alternative way for people in your community to purchase apparel, school supplies, event tickets, athletic passes, organizational fees, and more! All transactions are completed through a secure and encrypted checkout area giving you peace of mind.

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Facilities Management

Facilities Management

If your organization wants to monetize their available rooms of public spaces, Facilities Management can help. This program streamlines the scheduling process through one online calendar, which helps you avoid potential double bookings. Prospective customers are able to read the facility renter’s policies, access pricing, and ultimately reserve the space. Your community and staff will benefit from one centralized Facilities Management tool ultimately helping your organization’s bottom line.

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No matter how busy your organization is or what you specific needs are, we have the calendaring option that is right for you. Besides scheduling “normal” events there are features including facility scheduling and work order management. There is no limit to the number of people that can see what is posted and with the information stored on our secure servers you never have to worry about losing your data. We also offer personal training on whichever plan you choose.

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PR Consulting

From short-term projects to long-term contracts, our PR Services team provides support to build your organization’s brand. Our trained staff have served as Superintendents, Communication Directors and Board Members. We can take charge of all your PR needs or pieces and parts of your approach. We create custom strategic communication plans, write and design newsletters and collateral material campaigns, develop social media messaging outreach efforts and offer crisis communication support.

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