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Parent FAQs:

Q: Where do parents login?
A: Your school/district should be in contact with the website URL.  

Q: Do parents have to create an account or do I already have one?
A: Yes, parents must first create an account and then attach the student(s).

Q: Do parents fill out the form or do students?  
A: Either.  It depends on how you prefer to have this setup.  Parents can create an account and attach students OR students can create an account and verify/attach themselves.

Q: If I am a parent, what info do I need to attach my child to my account?
A: Last Name, Grade, Date of Birth, and Student ID.

Q: Will I get notified as a parent when I sign up?
A: Yes, you will be notified via email so you can refer back to it.  This email will have the Login URL along with your Password Security Question and Pin Code.