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Parent Engagement
Michelle Vroom's Blog Page
2-Way Engagement with Surveys to Your Parents
Posted 3/3/2014 at 12:00:47 PM by Michelle Vroom [System User]
Online Survey eSchoolView's school website content management system (CMS) has nearly 20 components--one being a Survey/Quiz Builder. Utilizing this component can increase parent engagement and help school districts receive vital feedback.

We have created some examples of survey questions below that you can use to get feedback from your parents about developing better communication from school-to-home.

You will want to tweak these to fit your individual school district's needs. As a starting point, think about what will help make them feel more comfortable while their child is at school.

This will soon lead to increased participation with both your students and parents. Contact us for more suggestions and tips.
  1. How well does your child's school prepare him/her for the next academic year?
  2. How often do you communicate with your child's teacher?
  3. Do you feel informed when it comes to making decisions about your child's schooling?
  4. Did you participate in any decision making opportunities requiring parent input and partnership?
  5. How often do you visit the school district website?
  6. Do you find the information posted on the website useful?
  7. What additional information would you like to see posted on the school website?
  8. What types of activities would you be most willing to do to raise money for their district?
  9. What is the best way to keep you informed about your child's daily activities?
  10. How would you like to see parental involvement funds used?
  11. What ways can parent engagement be strengthened with the school district?
  12. How can the school improve on actively involving parents and the community in the activities of the school?
Post some questions that you think would be useful for school districts!