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Utilize CMS Components to Increase Engagement
Michelle Vroom's Blog Page
Utilize CMS Components to Increase Engagement
Posted 7/2/2014 at 11:18:58 AM by Michelle Vroom [System User]

Utilize Components for EngagementStrong community support and parent engagement are two vital factors that determine student achievement in schools. School districts are always looking for ways to reach audiences and having a solid web presence in place is always a great place to start.

Use your website to help increase engagement by posting:

  • News: Keep your parents & community informed on the school homepage of your site. Post news releases, announcements and other important information including photos and other attachments. Attach a thumbnail image next to each headline. Capability for administrators to duplicate news articles throughout the entire site easily. All uploaded images are automatically resized and optimized for the Web.
  • Survey, Quiz & Form Builder: Make it easy for your visitors, staff and students to complete necessary online forms, quizzes and surveys. This component may be used for Help Desk tickets to ensure prompt support to staff members. Survey and quiz results will be aggregated and available for viewing when logged into the CMS. An Excel export feature allows data to be sent to Excel for advanced sorting and manipulation.
  • Board Meetings: Create complete profiles including contact information, election term, special assignments and other vital information at your discretion. Meeting minutes and agendas are automatically archived by school year and displayed through a drop down menu system on your public site (current year displays by default). Display order can be set by newest to oldest or the reverse.
  • Event Calendar: Select a category to list events from the calendar with a click to see more detail view. Choose the number of upcoming events to be displayed on your main page by category. Events are also displayed in a daily, weekly or monthly view with a printable version available. A bulk import template is provided in the CMS to allow uploading multiple events at one time. An export to Outlook/iCal feed is available for your public to sync to their personal calendar.
  • Alumni Registration & Search: School alumni can sign up on your website and add their information to the database. Send out email communications to certain year(s), post reunion information, photo galleries and much more. An Excel export feature allows for the creation of mailings and manipulation of information. Search for approved alumni by first name, last name, nickname, maiden name, email, and/or graduation year. Displayed information is limited to name, email, and graduation year.
At eSchoolView we offer a website content management system (CMS) that was developed specifically for schools. With nearly 20 components—our CMS offers maximum flexibility to build a custom website that fits all of your school district’s needs expanding the possibilities to reach your audience.

What is the plan for your school district to gain community support and increase parent engagement for the 2014-2015 school year?