Welcome to the Registration Guide! This guide will introduce you to your district's Registration Gateway, which you will use for student registration. Your Registration Gateway is accessible via your mobile phone and desktop through a URL provided by your district. If you do not know your district's Registration Gateway URL, please visit your district's website or contact your district directly.

Your district may have several types of Registration Gateways. These types are listed below, along with a list of what actions you may perform on each of those Gateways. Here are the Gateway types shared across most districts:

Registration Gateway: Register a new student or a student who is returning to the district after time spent out of the district.
Back-to-School Gateway: Providing an annual information review and updating needed information, such as addresses and emergency contacts.

Your district may also have one or more of the more specialized Gateway types. Your district will inform you if these are applicable to your district's registration process:

Express Update Gateway: Providing updated information outside of the annual update period.
Athletics Gateway: Selecting athletic choices for your student.
School Choice Gateway: Participating in a school choice lottery.