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Please follow the steps below to update the hardcoded form files so that they also update for the files located on your forms in OneView. Files located within Building Agreements are managed within OneView.

Overwrite/Update the Existing PDFs on your forms:
  • Edit the Files & Links Component Below
  • Click on the Name of the Fileyou want to update
    • Optional: Change the Description Field to reflect the School Year that the document is for.
  • Click the "Overwrite" option
  • Click "Choose File" to choose a new PDF
  • Select the PDFyou wish to upload
    • The Filename must match the existing filename of the file you're overwriting.
    • I.E. if the file is called "TechnologyHandbook.pdf" the file you select must also have that name.
  • Save
  • Repeat for any other PDFs you want to replace/update

Adding New PDFs to your forms:
  • Edit the Files & Links Component
  • Click on "Add New Download"
  • Give the Download a Title
  • Select "Choose File" to choose the PDF
    • It helps to have a "generic" name for the document, if you have a specific Year in the Filename, that will also appear in the URL and would be more year-specific.
    • I.E. Use "TechnologyHandbook.pdf" instead of "2022-2023TechnologyHandbook.pdf"
  • Save
  • Contact Supportwith the link to the document and where you want it placed in the form.
    • If it is for a new section or there are verbiage changes related to it, please also provide that to Support.

Important Note: User devices can temporarily store (cache) documents and their devices can take up to 24 hours to remove a previous document after it is has been updated on your forms. It is suggested that you update documents 24 hours before you would like the parents to see the documents.